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Our Films

  • Cracking Cancer

    A new documentary follows courageous patients with Stage IV cancer as they become pioneers in a revolutionary approach to their disease.

  • The Antibiotic Hunters

    Scientists are hunting for new antibiotics, because the ones we have are rapidly failing.

  • Weather Gone Wild: Surviving a World of Superstorms

    Weather Gone Wild is a one-hour documentary about changing the way we live in order to survive a world of superstorms.  In the past two years, a stunning succession of extreme weather events, starting with…

  • The Allergy Fix

    Why allergies are on the rise, and what’s being done about it.

  • The Boomer Revolution

    In the ’60s, they changed the world. In THEIR 60s, they just might do it again. The Boomer Revolution – a documentary for CBC’s Doc Zone

  • To The Rescue

    Canada’s patchwork search and rescue system is sending out an SOS.

  • Where Am I?

    How we navigate our world, and why some are better at it than others.

  • Programmed to be Fat?

    A new scientific theory points the finger at chemicals in our environment that are setting humans up for obesity before they’re even born.

  • Generation Boomerang

    The dream of an empty nest is nothing more than a dream for many parents around the world these days as their adult children boomerang back home. Is it a good savings plan? Or independence gone awry?

  • Generation Jobless

    Mired in debt, underemployed – are new university grads a lost generation?

  • Thoroughly Modern Marriage

    A provocative exploration of the current state of our most fascinating social institution- an institution that has undergone dizzying changes over the last fifty years.

  • X-Cars

    A two-hour documentary special that traces the journey of an automotive dream, from a sketch on a napkin in 1985, to the $10 million Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE.

  • The Downside of High

    The link scientists are making between today’s potent pot and psychosis.

  • Hyper Parents & Coddled Kids

    An in-depth look at the cultural pressures on parents to be hyper parents, and the impact it has on their children.

  • Peace Warrior

    The story of Captain Trevor Greene’s struggle to rebuild his life following a horrific axe attack to the head.

  • Desperately Seeking Doctors

    Our once-envied health care system is broken. We look at how it can be fixed.

  • Embracing Bob’s Killer

    Explores the nature of forgiveness through the complicated relationship between a woman and the man who killed her husband.

  • Depression: Fighting the Dragon

    Scientists are unlocking the secrets of the mental illness that is poised to become one of the leading causes of premature death and disability.